A Full Service Experience

EcoBillet Ltd. is the pioneer of adaptable encapsulated flotation

As dock builders on Vancouver Island we know first-hand that our “one of a kind” advanced flotation manufacturing process allows us to make flotation that will fit your needs for your floating dock, boathouse or float home.

Our high density polyethylene plastic wrapped EPS foam flotation billets are highly durable long lasting and can be adapted for any dock building project.

Ecobillet has the ability to make foam billets and flotation devices in any dimension or length that you require therefore eliminating the need of changing your design to fit the floats available on the market today.

Here at Ecobillet Solutions we have been protecting our beautiful coastlines and waterways by providing our customers with environmentally safe flotation docks and flotation devices.

The process makes us your one stop shop for all your flotation, mooring and dock building needs.

We offer the most reliable, eco-friendly advanced flotation in the industry.

Contact us for more information, quote. Tell us your need and we'll be glad to help.